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Iyowuna Willie-Pepple

Founder: Pepple Fit

Iyo is a long time fitness advocate, having been consistently training for over a decade. In that time he qualified as a lawyer and has worked in various capacities in the public and private sector.

“I started out training on my own at age 16. I remember not being able to do even 5 push ups and feeling quite disappointed with myself. I wasn’t into sports as a child and had some trouble with bullies so I decided to make a change.

At university, I made practical use of my free time and quickly fell in love with fitness. In 2010 I ran a series of nutrition classes to help busy professionals with their fitness goals. Even with the great reception and feedback from the ‘Pepple People’, I didn’t choose to share my passion with the world until more recently. Fitness is my journey and all are welcome on this road. ”


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